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LiLNudistsTM Cattery has
been on Barcroft TV;
National Geographic "Wild Side of Cats,"
as well as Animal Planets "Cats 101!!!"

"I wanted a chance to send my praises to you
and your Cattery, in hopes of easing other clients
minds on purchasing a kitty from you. I was able to
visit your home when Ruby was just 3 weeks old. I was
shocked at how amazing the love and genuine concern
you showed for your pets, and how sweet all those little
bald creatures were. You have given us a little life that makes
our lives better every single day. She is happy and healthy,
a handful at times, but truly a joy.
Thank you will never be enough ~ Jason & Rob Ohio"

LiLNudistsTM Cattery now Operates in Multiple
Locations throughout the United States;
California, Maryland, Virginia;
Northern, & Central, Florida!!!

"You are amazing women who raise wonderful
animals, and we could not be more thankful. We
loved watching Louie and his siblings being born
on the webcam. It was so special to share that
day and to get to see videos and pictures as he
grew. You really let the "parents" be involved in
a meaningful way. I appreciate all that you do and
are! 🙂 He purrs the second you touch him and
loves time on our laps. He kisses and head butts
us constantly. What an adorable, affectionate, funny,
stress-relieving gift you have given us.
Thank you so much!!! ~ Meredith & Steve New York

LiLNudistsTM Cattery has collectively
over 25 years experience raising
and showing the Sphynx, Bambino,
SphynxieBob & BamBob Cats!!!

LiLNudistsTM is proud to be an
HCM scanned and negative cattery!

LiLNudistsTM Cattery is recognized as
an Outstanding Cattery by
The International Cat Association!!!

LiLNudists CatteryTM is the
Proud Founder of the Rarest Cat Breeds!
The SphynxieBob (Bobtail Sphynx)
& the BamBob (Bobtail Bambino) Cats!!!

Sphynx, Bambino, SphynxieBob & BamBob Kittens/Cats; The Cattery Beginnings

LiLNudists Sphynx, Bambino, SphynxieBob & BamBob Cattery was established in 2006.   We began with our first beloved blue and white sphynx male named Streaker and two beautiful sphynx girls.  We were a very small cattery and raised our kitties in our home with us as a family.  Two years into the development of our cattery we were introduced to the adorable hairless munchkin bambino cat and it was love at first site!  Every wonderful thing the sphynx cat is in looks and personality just in a smaller short little dwarf sized package.  We have worked very hard through the years and dedicated ourselves to improving the health and quality of the breeds through an extensive outcross program and sound breeding practices.  Since our beginning our goal has been to produce top quality beautiful, breed standard, healthy, lovable companions and cherished family members. We do believe we have accomplished just that! Our precious Sphynx and Bambino cats and kittens are now enjoyed by families all over the US as well as in other countries around the world! Hairless Sphynx & Bambino Dwarf Cats Kittens  Hairless Sphynx & Bambino Dwarf Cats Kittens  Hairless Sphynx & Bambino Dwarf Cats Kittens

Hairless Sphynx Bambino cats kittens Hairless Sphynx Bambino cats kittens Hairless Sphynx Bambino cats kittens Hairless Sphynx Bambino cats 

Sphynx, Bambino, SphynxieBob & BamBob Kittens/Cats Available Today

All of us here at LiLNudists Sphynx, Bambino, SphynxieBob & BamBob Cattery work very hard every day to ensure that we are living up to the highest standards possible.  Our main focus is the health and happiness of our cats who are loved and spoiled and provided with all of the best, they are our pets first and foremost.  All of our cats are registered with The International Cat Association, or the Rare & Exotic Feline Registery.  All of our cats are routinely scanned for HCM and tested FIV/FELV negative.   We continue to strive to find new ways to enhance our cattery for both our adoptive families and our cats.  For example all of our cats are now fed top quality holistic raw cat food or canned food diet, and we are very dedicated about sending new pictures or videos of the kittens to their new adoptive families frequently so the parents to watch their kittens grow right before their own eyes.  We continue to enjoy our cats and kittens and the precious moments and experiences we are blessed to have with the most amazing creatures on the planet – the Sphynx, Bambino, SphynxieBob & BamBob Cat!!! Hairless Sphynx & Bambino Dwarf Cats Kittens  Hairless Sphynx & Bambino Dwarf Cats Kittens  Hairless Sphynx & Bambino Dwarf Cats Kittens

Hairless Sphynx Bambino cats kittens Hairless Sphynx Bambino cats kittens Hairless Sphynx Bambino cats kittens Hairless Sphynx Bambino cats 

Sphynx, Bambino, SphynxieBob & BamBob Kittens/Cats Cattery Partnerships

In 2009 LiLNudists Sphynx, Bambino, SphynxieBob & BamBob Cattery decided to expand our cattery.  We have since then partnered with 6 amazing families of fellow sphynx and bambino enthusiasts; spanning across 4 US states. Our current cattery locations are; Southern California; Denver, Colorodo, Northern Virginia, Jacksonville, (Northern) & Central Florida.  Thanks to our amazing partners throughout the country we are now able to help spread the love of these amazing cat breeds.  LiLNudists Sphynx, Bambino, SphynxieBob & BamBob  Cattery would have never become such a prestigious, trusted, respected cattery is without the infinite support of our loved ones and great friendships and partnerships established along the way.     They are each as committed to the same goal we set years ago which is to produce beautiful, healthy, breed standard, amazing cats! We are Proud to have them all as trusted, valued members of the LiLNudists Cattery Team!  Special thanks to all of you, your children, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, friends and loved ones who have been amazing help and support for this very demanding venture. Hairless Sphynx & Bambino Dwarf Cats Kittens  Hairless Sphynx & Bambino Dwarf Cats Kittens  Hairless Sphynx & Bambino Dwarf Cats Kittens 

 Hairless Sphynx Bambino cats kittens Hairless Sphynx Bambino cats kittens Hairless Sphynx Bambino cats kittens Hairless Sphynx Bambino cats 

Hairless Sphynx Bambino cats kittens Hairless Sphynx Bambino cats kittens Hairless Sphynx Bambino cats kittens Hairless Sphynx Bambino cats 

Percy, the Bambino, is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!  It’s easy to understand why the Bambino is called that because that’s what Percy is: a little baby. He is quite the character and has so much personality! One of his favorite activities is hanging out on our lanai – he just can’t get enough of the Florida heat!He holds his own with our three dogs, and we are always amazed at his courage and wrestling skills, especially with our Boston Terrier! Cannot imagine life without him! And of course, April was the most helpful, patient, knowledgeable breeder I have ever met. She truly treats all of her cats and kittens like the “babies” she calls them. Even though it’s been a year since I picked up Percy at her home (incredibly clean and organized – even with all of her animals), I still feel comfortable emailing her with questions, and she always responds quickly. If you are thinking of adopting one of these little treasures, don’t hesitate for a second! Percy is the coolest cat we have ever had!

~ Deb Bryan Proud Owner of Percy the Bambino

Hi April,  we wanted to thank you once again (3rd time!) for the wonderful baby we purchased from you. She has absolutely stolen our hearts. Manhattan (Hattie) is just as loving, social, smart, beautiful and well cared for as our other two Sphynx’s from you were and are. She immediately took to her big brothers and fit right into our family. She’s such a joy and a lover and for that we cannot thank you enough. You know, we will be forever grateful for this little girl. Who came to us from you so well raised with love. She literally came off the plane purring! I also wanted to thank you for once again making our experience with purchasing and shipping Hattie clear across the country simple and worry free. Starting with your constant videos and pictures and loving updates on our “baby.” Making us feel as if we were involved in her health and care before flying to us. Also, for the 3rd time you made all the arrangements to have them flown here. Leaving nothing to chance and having everything covered for us. It could not have been easier and it’s obvious you are very informed and skilled at getting these kittens to there new homes. Hattie arrived safe and happy, on time and healthy. Even all the way out to California. Obviously, we would gladly recommend LiLNudists to anyone looking for the best cats. Again, as 3rd time purchasers of your wonderful kittens. Who have brought us so much joy and enriched our lives. We thank you and appreciate the love and obvious care that you put into your animals. It certainly shows immediately with your amazing babies. Please feel free to have any potential customer call us for a glowing review. All the best. 

~The Frantz Family(Proud Owners of Wolf, Tux, Manhattan (Hattie)

Before purchasing a sphynx, my family and I did A LOT of research in trying to find a good and reputable breeder! Boy are we glad that we chose LilNudists Cattery. They were caring and always there to answer any questions that we had for them, which were plenty. When we finally made the visit to their home, we found a very clean and loving environment. We always felt welcome to see the cats at any time. To be able to watch our kittens grow on the live cam was a great bonus! We brought home a wonderful hairless sphynx named Gizmo and also a coated sphynx named Sunni for him to grow & play with. They both have loving and unique personalities. To this day, my family is content in knowing that April and Leigh will always be there to help with any questions and concerns we may have. They are not one’s to just disappear and not care as soon as you take your kitten home. If you want a breeder who cares about their cats and take all the necessary precautions to ensure that you are getting a healthy sphynx , LilNudists Cattery is it! Thank you for everything! ~ The Rock family – Proud parents of Gizmo and Sunni

~ The Rock family - Proud parents of Gizmo and Sunni

HCM Free Sphynx & Bambino Cattery