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NudieNaturals Shampoo Formulas Explained!

Do you know which NudieNatural’s shampoo formula would be best for YOUR pet? NudieNaturals Shampoo & Conditioner actually comes in 5 different formulas. We have 3 formulas in our main shampoo & conditioner shampoos designed for normal/oil skin, sensitive/dry skin, or rash/allergic type skin. We also have 2 waterless shampoo […]


ON HOLD Naomi is an adorable Seal Pt. Tortie Sphynx female

DOB: Jan. 30, 2019

Ready to go in Late April 2019

The adoption fee is $1800.00

Pet Safe Bug Repellent

Why your pet needs Pet-Safe Bug Repellent!

NudieNaturals Pet Bug Repellent! It is very important to know that you can not use standard human bug repellents/bug sprays on your pet’s. These traditional bug sprays have chemical ingredient’s which can be very dangerous, even deadly for your pet’s! Alternatively, you should be using a pet-safe, all natural bug […]

Pet NasalClear

“ReNew Pet” NasalClear Remedy is here!

“ReNew Pet” NasalClear Remedy is here! If your pet is suffering with chronic nasal congestion, you need to know about our nasal-clear solution.  This is a 2 part solution when combined provides an osmotic saline solution along with powerful herbal ingredients selected to specifically help target various causes of lasting nasal congestion […]

Pet Eye Drops

“ReNew Pet” EyeClear is Here!

“ReNew Pet” EyeClear Drops are here! After a trying period of debating how to move forward with our new product line, we have decided that the NudieNaturals grooming product line is now complete and no new products will be produced under the NudieNaturals name.   There are two reasons for this: […]

FIP fundraising

Giving to the Feline Community

Giving to the Feline Community Fundraising to End FIP LiLNudists Cattery has always not only been dedicated to our own cats, the kittens we raise, and our adoptive families; but we are very dedicated to the feline community at large as well. We began our Fundraising efforts in 2015 with […]