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Sphynx, Bambino, SphynxieBob & BamBob Kitten/Cat Adoption Application

Fill out our Kitten Adoption Application now if you are interested in adopting one of our currently available kittens or would like to reserve a future kitten form one of our up-coming litters. Please fill out the application completely . Incomplete applications may not be submitted as certain fields are required. False or missing information may result in an application denial. Please take your time and be thorough as this is our view of you and if we can entrust you with one of our beloved babies. We will contact your vet references, personal references, and landlord. Applicant must be at least 18 years or older, if you are underage you will need to have a parent or guardian complete the application.

We require a $100 deposit to temporarily hold a kitten while we process your application. We also require the $100 deposit to  hold a spot on our waitlist for a future kitten.  This deposit does go towards your total adoption fee for a kitten it is not an additional fee.  The deposits are non-refundable.  For more information please see our policies page.  Once we receive your application we will contact you to give you the payment information. We look forward to getting to know you!

Please take your time and fill out each questions thoroughly! We use this information to help us determine if you will be able to provide a suitable home for one of our cats/kittens. Incomplete applications will NOT be processed!!!
Full Name
Home Phone
Mobile Phone
--------------------------Household Members --------------------------------
Your Name (Household member #1)
Age (Household Member #1)
Occupation Household Member #1)
Name (Household Member #2)
Age (Household Member #2)
Occupation Household Member #2)
Name (Household Member #3)
Age (Household Member #3)
Occupation Household Member #3)
Name (Household Member #4)
Age (Household Member #4)
Occupation Household Member #4)
Name (Household Member #5)
Age (Household Member #5)
Occupation Household Member #5)
Do you rent or own?
If you rent, please provide your landlords contact information
Landlords Name/Property Management Company
Phone Number
Are you planning on moving soon?
Are you or anyone in your family allergic to cats?
--------------------------Pet Information --------------------------------
How many pets do you have currently?
Please list your current pets, including breed, age, sex:
Age Pet 1
Breed Pet 1
Sex Pet 1
Age Pet 2
Breed Pet 2
Sex Pet 2
Age Pet 3
Breed Pet 3
Sex Pet 3
Age Pet 4
Breed Pet 4
Sex Pet 4
Age Pet 5
Breed Pet 5
Sex Pet 5
What are the names of your pets?
Are all of your pets fixed?
What are you currently feeding your pet(s?) (please be specific type, kibble, canned, raw as well as brands)
Are your pets up to date on thier vaccinations?
Vet Name
Vet Number
***We need two names and phone numbers of personal references which we may call and speak with regarding your application to adopt a kitten. These two people must be NON-Relatives. You MUST provide personal references even if you do not currently own any pets or have ever owner a pet. Applications without references will NOT be processed. Please also notify your reference to be expecting our call!
Reference #1
Reference #2
Please list any previous pets you have had in the past 5 years and what happened to them:
Have you surrendered any animals to a shelter?
If yes, why?
Why are you interested in this breed?
Do you plan on having this cat declawed?
Do you plan on having this cat as an:
Who will primarily be responsible for the cat?
How many hours will the cat be left alone during the day?
Is there a particular kitten/cat available that you are applying for?
Thank You ~ A member of the LiLNudists Cattery Team will contact you soon!
If questions which are required (marked with red asterisk) are not completed your form will not be submitted and you will see a warning box, "Please correct the errors and try again." Indicators will pop up to let you know which section you missed. When completed correctly a grey box will pop up immediately after reading: "Thank you your form has been submitted." ***Any difficulties please contact us at info@LiLNudists.com***