Thanks to the hard work and dedication we have put in for the last 13 years, LiLNudists Cattery has gained a tremendous following and are known for our trust-worthiness. We pride ourselves in our commitment to our past, present, and prospective adoptive kitty parents. We now continually have an active “WaitList” of people waiting on kittens to be born and become available. We recommend everyone who wants to adopt a kitten from us to get onto our WaitList to hold your spot in line, as we rarely have kittens who are available to be seen by the general public. If you wait to “just see” what is available you could be waiting a long while and miss out on the PURRFECT kitty for you!

To get your name onto the WaitList, all you simply have to do is; fill out your online adoption application, LiLNudists.com/adoption-application. You have the option to choose if you want a girl, boy, any color, and from any of our cattery locations in CA, CO, VA, or FL. Once you are on the WaitList you will be shown all available kittens which match the description you are desiring. We begin showing the kittens to everyone on the WaitList when they are 3 weeks old. At that time you will receive a message showing you the newly available kittens and you simply say YES or Pass if you do not see a kitten that pulls your heart strings. You are free to remain on the WaitList for up to one year.

Now you are ready to Adopt!!! Just submit your application, which you can find on the drop-down under the adoption tab or the link posted above. We will contact you within 48 hours (typically less) of receiving your adoption application!

PLEASE feel free to contact us with any questions 🙂 We are here to bring wonderful companions and kitty parents together so just let us know anything we can do to make your hairless kitty dreams come true!

~ Your LiLNudists Cattery Team


Call/Text 703-926-1158

Up-Coming Sphynx, Bambino, SphynxieBob & BamBob Kitten Litters!!!

LiLNudists™ Jacksonville, Florida

  1. Maia X Poseidon due Feb. 29th possible odd eyes! (Bambino X Sphynx)
  2. Demeter and Poseidon due March. 11th – Possible Odd Eyed litter!
  3. Astraea X Titan Due March 26th possible Bambobs and SphynxieBobs

  4. Athena X Gemini due April 1st possible coated & odd eyes!
  5. Freya X Titan due April 5th possible Bambobs & Sphynxiebobs

LiLNudists™ Orlando, Florida

  • Sphynxiebob girl Jazzmyn X Alexander babies Due. Feb 12th possible odd eyes (SphynxieBob & Bambino Litter)
  • SphynxieBob girl Dahlia X Alexander babies Due. March 6th possible odd eyes (SphynxieBob & Bambino Litter)
  • Virginia

    1. SphynxieBob girl Cork X Archie babies Due. Feb 23rd (SphynxieBob & Bambino Litter)
    2. Sphynx girl Emma X Archie. Due March 8th (Sphynx X Bambino)
    3. Sphynx girl Mystique X Archie babies Due. March 16th (Sphynx & Bambino Litter)
    4. Sphynx girl Boujie X Archie. Due April 2nd ( Sphynx X Bambino)

    LiLNudists™ California

    1. Ester X Boris Due Jan. 27th
    2. Lulu X Boris (possible odd eyes) Due April 12th

    LiLNudists™ Colorado

    1. Mazie X Silas Due Jan. 29th (Sphynx X Sphynx litter)

    Adoption Fees


    Adoption Fee $1,800 each.


    Adoption Fee $1800.00 each. Our “SphynxieBob” Kittens are the product of breeding our Hairless Sphynx Cats to a Domestic or American Outcross Cat to improve health and achieve a desired BobTail. These kittens are the same personality and features of a Sphynx cat just have an adorable naked bobtail!


    Adoption Fee $2,500 each. Our Bambino kittens are the short-legged version of the Sphynx cat!


    Adoption Fee $2500.00 each. Our “BamBob” Kittens are the product of breeding our Hairless Bambino Cats to a Domestic or American Outcross Cat to improve health and achieve a desired BobTail. These kittens are the same personality and features of a Bambino cat just have an adorable naked bobtail! (Price depends on quality and length of bobtail).

    To reserve one of the cats or kittens you see on our Available Kittens page, or to reserve a spot on our Wait List for one of our Up-Coming litters, simply log on and fill out our online
    adoption application and we will contact you back within 24 hours!

    You MUST go to the adoption page and fill out the adoption application now to be considered for adoption!

    We occasionally have adult cats available which can be reserved ahead of time too for reduced adoption fee; typically discounted by up to 50% off typical kitten fees depending on their age. We also give discounts when adopting multiple kittens and to repeat adopters!

    NOTE- Any of our breeds that have the rare Blue-Eyed, or Odd-Eyed Gene will be $300.00 more than these listed prices.