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April Arguin ~ Hairless Cat Blogger

Hi!  Welcome to my blog!!! My name is April Arguin and I am the founder of LiLNudists Cattery.  I began my journey into the fascinating joyful world of the hairless cat 13 years ago when I first began breeding the Sphynx in 2006.  I first fell in love with Hairless Sphynx while attending a local cat show. One of the breeders in the show hall that day allowed me to pet and hold her Sphynx cat Jojo and I was instantly hooked!   After that day I knew my goal in life was to have a sphynx of my own. I first adopted my first boy Streaker; he was so beautiful and loving I just simply had to have more!

A few years into my breeding program I also fell in love with the bambino cat and became very interested in cat genetics.  I studied the breed extensively before deciding to work with them as there was a lot of negative hype surrounding them at the time.  I found that they were proven to be a completely healthy and sound breed based on the 7 years of research and study conducted by the TICA geneticist Dr. Sulveig.  I worked closely with the founder of the breed and adopted my first Bambino stud in 2009.  The founder soon after retired from breeding and LiLNudists Cattery stepped into the role of developing and promoting the wonderful breed!

Outside of the cat world I am also trained as a dental hygienist but I am no longer able to practice due to health issues.  I love health and the medical filed however and I have dedicated myself to nutrition and studying and learning every aspect I can when it comes to health and nutrition for these amazing hairless cats.  I have now been an avid promoter and feeder of raw food diet for 5 years and I am always thrilled when I have an opportunity to educate someone on it’s health benefits and help correct health conditions in their kitties.  I am actually currently working towards earning certification in pet health coaching.

I have been thrilled to be able to combine my love for these cats along with my other love in life which is writing.  Writing is such an amazing therapy for me, and I am very passionate in my writing and find myself quickly lost into it.  I couldn’t think of any better way to be able to share all of the tremendously valuable knowledge and experience that I have learned in having the pleasure of raising these cats through the years than through my writing.  I desire for my blog posts to reach thousands even millions of people throughout the coming years and hope to leave a lasting positive impact on the health and wellness of many many cats lives!  I am also currently diving into the world of video blogging or VLOG’ing and loving it as a great platform to pass along health and wellness information!

Thank you all for your dedicated following my VLOG/BLOG!!

April Arguin RDH, Founder of LiLNudists Sphynx, Bambino, ShynxieBob & BamBob Cattery 2006


April Arguin ~ Hairless Cat BloggerApril Arguin ~ Hairless Cat BloggeApril Arguin ~ Hairless Cat BloggerrApril Arguin ~ Hairless Cat BloggerApril Arguin ~ Hairless Cat BloggerApril Arguin ~ Hairless Cat BloggerApril Arguin ~ Hairless Cat BloggerApril Arguin ~ Hairless Cat BloggerApril Arguin ~ Hairless Cat Blogger