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What is a CatHealthCoach?

Who am I  & What is a Cat Health Coach? Hello Welcome to CatHealthCoach_April!  I have been a life-long animal lover, as well as health and fitness enthusiast.  My two loves began to combine when I began breeding the hairless cat breeds the Sphynx and Bambino in 2007.  I quickly learned that it was very […]

Protect your cat’s HEART!

Learn how to use good nutrition supplementation, and cardiac check-ups to help keep your cats Heart Healthy! The first, most important thing you can do to keep you cats heart healthy, is to feed them a great quality diet everyday.  This will give your cat’s heart the amino acids (protein building blocks), minerals, and vitamins needed to support […]

How to LATHER NudieNaturals All Natural Shampoo

  How to LATHER NudieNaturals All Natural Shampoo   In this video you will learn: Why natural shampoos like NudieNaturals all natural grooming products do not have a “foam” lather like non-naturals products. All natural hairless pet grooming products without SLS, Parabens, and Phalates. How to properly use exfoliating gloves to bath your hairless pet. […]

How to RE-TRAIN your Cat to Use the Litter Box!

How to “Retrain” your cat to use the litter box! Inappropriate Litter Box use is cited as the number ONE reason cats are displaced into shelters! Correcting inappropriate litter box use is critical to your cat and your home. There are Many different reasons why a cat stops using the litter box. However in this […]

L-Lysine To Use or Not to Use for Feline Herpes

L-Lysine To Use or Not to Use for Feline Herpes     L-Lysine To Use or Not To Use?  For years now veterinarians and cat breeders alike have been touting the benefits and importance of using L-lysine to help combat the symptoms and outbreaks of the herpes virus in cats.  However, after years of recommendations […]

What type of SHAMPOO is BEST for your hairless pet?

What type of SHAMPOO is BEST for your hairless pet?   Each hairless pet has their own unique skin type, just like humans they can range from skin which is normal, excessively, dry, excessively oily, very sensitive to products and environmental triggers, or can have more severe skin issues like allergic dermatitis and plagued with […]

Sphynx Cat Conditioner

Why your cat needs Sphynx Cat Conditioner   In this video I explain why A Sphynx Cat Conditioner is needed after their bath.  How to use hairless pet conditioner, and how to properly apply the conditioner.   Purchase your conditioner on NudieNaturals Etsy store @ etsy.com/shop/NudieNaturals  

Sphynx Cat Supplements

Sphynx Cat Supplements – What you need to know!   In this video I will instruct you on Sphynx Cat Supplements, whether or not your pet needs a supplement, what supplements they may needs, and also EASY simple ways to add needed supplements into your pets diet!  Pet Supplements what you need to know! If your […]