Breeds Information:

Sphynx and Bambino cats are the most amazing breeds of cats there are in the world today. Sphynx and Bambino cats are so full of love and have the most wonderful out-going personalities. Sphynx and Bambino cats love nothing more to be cuddled up on the laps of their family members and purr away. Both these breeds of hairless cats make wonderful additions to any family, they love children and get along great with other animals; dogs, cats, ferrets, hamsters, and even birds! If you are thinking about adopting a sphynx or bambino kitten don’t hesitate… as soon as you bring one of these bald babies into your home and feel their soft velvet skin and become the object of their affection, you will be sorry you didn’t adopt a sphynx or bambino cat sooner!

Purrfect Personalities

People often ask me “what does a sphynx or bambino cat feel like?” I tell them that the sphynx and bambino feel very soft and very warm; they feel like a warm peach. If you ask anyone who is owned by a sphynx or bambino cat or kitten they; will tell you that they are outstanding pets. Sphynx and Bambinos will also easily be trained to walk on a leash and a harness outside just like a dog; Of course because they are hairless they can get cold easily or get sunburned so precautions need to be taken. Sphynx and Bambinos also travel very well. Many people who own a sphynx or; bambino cat take them on car rides or their RV on trips, camping, and even on family vacations. These cats are very easy to adjust to new environments and handle changes very well. All a sphynx or bambino cat wants is to be loved by you as much as possible every day!

Breed History

So you are wondering what is the difference between a
Sphynx and a Bambino? The Sphynx cat is a hairless cat resulting from the selective breeding of a naturally occurring genetic mutation causing them to be born hairless. The Sphynx breed as we know it today can be traced back to the originally
bloodlines. Most of today’s pedigreed Sphynx are descendants of the original three females, Q. Punkie and Q. Paloma, who were rescued from the streets of Toronto, Canada and sent to Dr. Hugo Hernandez in Holland in 1980. The offspring from these breeding’s were sold in the United States, Holland and France and are the foundation of most of our present day breeding Sphynx.

Stephanie and Pat Osborne of Holy Moly Cattery established and founded the Bambino cat in 2005. The Bambino is the purposeful out-cross breeding between the Sphynx breed and the Munchkin cat.The Munchkin is a breed of cat which has naturally spontaneously occurring autosomal dominant mutation causing distinctive short legs. This breed was studied extensively for years and was deemed to be a healthy genetically sound breed; which is fully eligible for Championship status with both major cat associations. The result of these breeding’s is a hairless cat like the Sphynx, with adorable short little legs! If you are interested in learning more about sphynx and bambino cats please look through our website, or contact us for more information on these wonderful hairless breeds.

Pushing Ahead

Bambinos are still a very new and rare breed. LiLNudists Cattery has been breeding them since the early beginnings of the breed development and is at the forefront of the future development of the breed. We have created an online community where other dedicated Bambino breeders can communicate and work together to produce the desired healthy cats that match the Bambino standard. We have recently re-written the original breed standard with the goal of having the Bambino accepted and registered as “Sphynx New Trait.” Click here to view the new standard: NEW STANDARD The reasoning for this is because in each litter the long legged kittens are genetically Sphynx as they carry no dwarf gene; and the short legged kittens are the same as the Sphynx in looks and personality with the exception of the gene for dwarfism. Our eventual goal is to have this accepted by the Sphynx breed committee. Then the short kittens would be Sphynx new Trait (Bambinos) and their long legged siblings would be able to be exactly what they really are: Sphynx.

Last “Little” Thing

Only last thing to say about sphynx and Bambino cats is they will bring you so much joy every day! Visit our available kitten’s page now to find the perfect sphynx or bambino kitten for your family today!!!!

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However despite our best efforts we recently got the news that The International Cat Association (TICA) just passed a ruling that now New Traits of breeds, nor new breeds, will be allowed to include any kind of genetic trait pertaining to bone structure including leg length and tail length. So unfortunately after 4 years of time, work and money… this brings us back to the beginning. We are determined not to give up though, we will continue to push towards gaining full championship acceptance on this rare amazing cat breed as they deserve to be able to be in the front lines of the show ring as much as any other cat! We appreciate everyone’s efforts and support!

People often ask why we out-cross, or what outcross means? Outcrossing is defined as: is the practice of introducing unrelated genetic material into a breeding line; in lamens terms; we outcross to produce stronger healthier cats. This is accomplished by the purposeful breeding between one of our Bambino cats to an unrelated breed such as the munchkin in our bambino program. The Bambino breed was created by the combination of the Munchkin and Sphynx cats. It takes 3 generations of breeding to get an entire hairless bambino litter of kittens, so through the 1st and second generations we will have outcross/coated kittens which are available to pet homes. These kittens carry all of the same wonderful personalities of their Sphynx or Bambino parents and come with all of the same vet services and inclusions of all of our other kitties.

It costs us a tremendous amount of time energy and money to partake in outcrossing in our breeding program, but it is vitally important. If everyone just bred to the same few hairless Sphynx Bambinos when the breeds were first created we would have a very genetically weak sick program. So even though the bambino breed has been established since 2005, that really is not that long of a period of time to bring in enough diverse genes to provide a good healthy strong program. Outcrossing must be continued for several more years to create a healthy successful breed. Be leery of breeders of the Bambino who never outcross, or who breed bambino to bambino as this is NOT best for creating the beautiful healthy bambino breed we all desire to love and enjoy for years to come!

We are proud to introduce the Amazing Brand New Hairless Cat Breeds the SphynxieBob and the BamBob! These breeds are being exclusively developed by LiLNudists Cattery; we are the first ones in the WORLD to have these new amazing hairless breeds! The SphynxieBob is the product of the purposeful breeding between a hairless Sphynx(long-legged) cat and an American or Domestic Bobtail cat. This produces a hairless Sphynx
cat with a short Bobtail! Similarly the BamBob is being produced by the combination of a hairless Bambino (short-legged cat) and an American or Domestic Bobtail cat. This produces a hairless Bambino cat with an adorable little Bobtail!

We are producing these kittens by breeding in the naturally occurring bobtail trait. We have carefully planned out breeding and our program and patiently waited 3.5 years for our first litter because we always put the health and well-being of our cats as top priority. We consulted with multiple veterinarians and even genetics physicians before moving forward with the program to be assured that the combination of traits would not produce any detrimental effects. Our priority to health and well-being of our cats is the reason we never breed short legged bambinos to other short-legged bambinos and we never breed a bobtail to a bobtail, even though in other breeding programs this is considered common and perfectly acceptable breed standard practices. The way we conduct and structure our breeding program ensures that no kittens will be inherit double copies of the dwarfism gene which is lethal; nor inherit double copies for bobbed tails which could lead to far foreshortened tails which alter the normal formation and structure of the base of the spine leading to health problems. Again even though this breeding practice is promoted in breeds like the Manx which is a fully accepted championship registered cat breed and results in producing kittens which have permanent deformities and possibly death.

There has been some recent negativity surrounding our new SphynxieBob and Bambob breeds; we know there will always be people be out there who want to make their own affirmed quick non-factual based judgment and no matter what we say they will not sway in their position or opinions. However we love these cats more than anything and give and sacrifice of our own selves and lives for them every day and we do not now and never will ever make decisions which would at all impact their health or well-being. The simple fact is we are breeding in bobtails because we love them, they are from an amazingly healthy breed the American Bobtail cat, and we want to be able for others who cannot have cats with fur to be able to enjoy the beauty of the bob-tailed cats as well. After all every different cat breed is the result of a breeding program based around a desire for a specific look or trait which we humans desire for our own selfish reasons; otherwise all cats would look the same and there wouldn’t be the existence of the cat fancy world we have today.