Litter Box Problems.. What To Do About it!

Today’s video is addressing a very important subject – litter box problems!  This is known to be the number one reason why cats are surrendered to animal shelters, neglected and/or abused.  Addressing the root cause of what creates a littler box issue in a cat is of up-most importance.  A cat doesn’t ever by nature not want to use a litter box, as this is their natural inclination to dig and bury their waste.  There is always an underlying health or behavioral problem causing the issue.


In this video you will learn:
  • Some of the common reasons for litter box misuse
  • Why to never punish your cat for inappropriate litter box use.
  • Why taking action for appropriate litter use right away is crucial.
  • What professionals to seek for help in addressing the behavior.
  • A few tips and tricks on correcting the behavior. 



Easily order Raw Cat food Online Delivered!

Many people are afraid to feed their cat (or dog) a raw food diet,  because they think that it is a very challenging affair requiring special equipment, and a butcher, and some major educational training.  Well, that may have been true in the past, but thankfully in today’s modern society technology and information have taken us a long way and we now have so many more options to great healthy foods very conveniently! 


In this video you will learn:

  • How to easily order raw cat/dog food.
  • What company I order my raw cat food from. 
  • Website address to order.
  • How to get the food delivered right to your door!


How to make Raw Cat Food “Greens”

Even though cats are what is known as “obligate carnivores,” they do naturally need a small amount of carbohydrates in their diet.  This is because in the wild, their naturals diet would consist of eating some grasses, herbs, and roots naturally.  Also, in the wild when they catch and eat their prey, whether it is a bird, mouse, rat, they would eat the entire animal including the contents of it’s stomach which includes, nuts, seed, berries, roots, grasses ect.


In this video I show you:


  • How to easily make cat greens for a raw food diet.
  • What type of fruits and vegetables are appropriate to use.
  • Why it is best to use fresh, raw vegetables and fruits not cooked.
  • How to freeze and store the greens.
  • How to figure out the protein vs. carbohydrate ratio.


Why you MUST have a Heat Lamp for your Hairless Sphynx/Bambino Cat!

Many hairless pet owners either do not have a heat lamp for their pets, only a heat pad, or nothing at all to provide them extra warmth!  Giving your hairless dog or cat a source to seek out extra heat when they need it is critical for their physical health and wellness.


The BEST heat option for your pet is to provide a heat lamp because with a heat lamp the heat will be dispersed evenly all around their body and most importantly their head which is where pets and people alike loose most of their body heat… think hat in winter time.  


However you must be careful when providing a heat lamp for your hairless pets that you hairless pets that you have the heat lamp secured properly, not too close to the surface where your pet will lay under it so that they won’t get burned, and what wattage of heat bulb to consider.


Watch my Video to see why a heat lamp is Best for your hairless pets, and why a Heat Pad may actually be dangerous!


Tips & Tricks on giving your cat Medications/Supplements!

Tips & Tricks on giving your cat Medications/Supplements!


In this video I share some great tips and tricks on how to successfully, and easily give your cat medications and supplements without having to chase them around the house everyday!

  • Techniques for giving medications and supplements without traumatizing your cat.
  • What to give medications and supplements in.
  • How to change feeding schedule to accommodate for fussy cats.

Watch the video now to learn more!


All About Bambino Cats!

In this video I answer all of the most common questions about Bambino Cats!

  • What is a Bambino Cat?
  • How was Bambino Cat developed?
  • What makes a Bambino cat different from a Sphynx cat?
  • What makes a Bambino cat short?
  • Does a Bambino cat have any back problems?
  • What do I need to care for my Bambino Cat?


Watch the video to have these questions and more answered in All About Bambino Cats!


TRUTH about Prescription Veterinary Diets

TRUTH about Prescription Veterinary Diets


In this video I will explain why I refer to prescription veterinary diets as “Expensive Bandaids.”  Prescription veterinary diets do not contain whole, complete, nutritious sources of foods for your pets, they are simply formulated to “cover-up,” or “bandaid” the health situation that your cat is facing.  

Some of the problems with Prescription Veterinary Diets are:

  • Mask the true under-lying health problem.
  • Might make the health problem better temporarily, but cause other long-term health problems.
  • Are very expensive.
  • Contain allergen-producing ingredients.
  • Contain low quality ingredients. 

To learn more watch my video below!


How to Simply Choose a Great Quality Cat Food!

How to Simply choose a Great Quality Cat Food!


In this video I will explain why feeding a great quality cat food is so important and a simple way to be sure you are choosing a Great quality cat food!

  • Look for cat foods with whole food sources.
  • First ingredient should be whole protein.
  • Whole food sources of vegetables and fruits.
  • No corn, wheat, gluten, soy, and grains.

To learn more watch my video @ 


What is a CatHealthCoach?

Who am I  & What is a Cat Health Coach?

Hello Welcome to CatHealthCoach_April!  I have been a life-long animal lover, as well as health and fitness enthusiast.  My two loves began to combine when I began breeding the hairless cat breeds the Sphynx and Bambino in 2007.  I quickly learned that it was very important to understand the physical and emotional needs of my cats to create as much as a natural, species-appropriate diet and lifestyle for them as it was for myself. 

Over the past 14 years, I have expanded my knowledge greatly to understand not only the best nutritional practices for cats, but also the best use of vaccinations, nutritional supplements, pharmaceutical medications, herbal therapies, behavioral modifications and more.  I strongly believe in using natural modalities whenever possible to reverse current health challenges and return the body to a natural state of homeostasis.  However, I believe a balance and melding between natural medicine and conventional medicine is best, choosing to ignore an entire framework of medicine either natural or conventional to me is not a practice based in common sense but stubbornness. 

Through my cat health coaching consults I help my cat parents by guiding them through making simple, easy, affordable, but effective changes through nutrition, supplements, medication recommendations, and behavior modifications-which produce lasting health results for their beloved pets.  In this video you will learn about my story, how I have come to be CatHealthCoach April!   Watch and learn about my unique perspective and experience, and why I have turned to natural holistic medicine. Learn more about what I offer as your cat health coach, and the various ways I can help benefit your cat by helping to bring them back to wellness through nutrition, supplementation, and herbal medicine suggestions.  


To schedule your FREE 15 minute consultation to  get additional personalized help on how to improve the health of your cat, simply send me  message


Keep those Hairless Kitties Happy & Healthy Everyone! 

Your ~CatHealthCoach_April 

Founder,  NudieNaturals
Founder, LiLNudists Cattery

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult your qualified healthcare provider before beginning any diet or program.

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