sphynx cat sunscreen

Sphynx Cat Sunscreen

Sphynx Cat Sunscreen!   This video discusses Sphynx Cat Sunscreen, and alternative sun protection options for your hairless pets.    In this video you will learn: Why your hairless cat needs sun protection What products are safe and not safe for your hairless pet Sunshirt’s for your cat and where Read more…

BamBob and SPhynxieBob Cat

BamBob & SphynxieBob Cats

This Video I explain everything about BamBob and SphynxieBob Cats!!!   The origination of the BamBob & SphynxieBob What are the unique features of he BamBob & SphynxieBob How natural Bobtail cats are found in the wild The great nature of the BamBob & SphynxieBob Cats  

Cat Health Video Canned food

Canned Cat Food!

In this video I talk about all of the benefits of feeding a Canned Cat Food Diet!      Canned Cat Food… What is that mysterious meat in the can? May 20, 2014/in Uncategorized /by lilnudists Many a cat owner knows that their cats love their canned cat food. They hear that can Read more…