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   Hi, my name is Edna “Dolly” Gustin. I am a proud partner of LiLNudists. I am located in Orlando Florida, known as the sunshine state. A little bit about me I was born in Newark, New Jersey. I have lived in Orlando, Florida since 1989. I graduated from University Inter-Americana of Puerto Rico with a BBA majoring in Finance. Soon after, I met my husband Derek we got married. We then had our first bundle of joy our daughter Sophia! I am a stay home mom, house wife and now naked kitty mommy!SPhynx & Bambino Cat Breeder

   Most of my life I been around dogs; my family has always been BIG dog lovers. I remember when I was a kid and my mom’s Chihuahua had her first litter of puppies and it was an amazing experience.  My brother was also a chihuahua  breeder for many years and he enjoyed his dogs and participated in many professional dog shows. Oddly enough, I had never actually had a cat! I was always scared of a cats until I met my husband and he and his family had a cat rescue. Sadly My husband’s 2 cats had passed away from old age, and I promised him a new kitten. SPhynx & Bambino Cat Breeder Unfortunately I have really bad cat allergies, which is what led me to the hairless cats! I did a lot of research before getting a Sphynx kitten. Finally, when I brought her home, I fell completely and utterly in love! She seriously changed our lives, and our home was much warmer with her. Ever since Hazel came home to us, it has felt like she has became a Therapy Cat for each of us. She gives us lots of continuous love and we smother her is love in return. She has officially made me a cat lover!


With Hazel in my life, I decided that I wanted to become a sphynx cat breeder and keep the Sphynx breed strong. I think they are the perfect breed for kids and families in need of therapy and love.

Sphynx & Bambino Cat BreederI continued my research and contacted LiLNudists Cattery who I had been following on Facebook for some time.  I loved their dedication and teamwork! Their website is well organized and super educational. After much communications, April and Wendy decided to mentor me and allowed me to become one of the LiLNudists Cattery partners. I am honored to be working with a well-organized team and great healthy cats! Now after raising our first litter of kittens we have fallen in love with the Sphynx & Bambino breeds even more!  We love playing with the kittens and watching them grow. They have great personalities and they are truly a unique breed almost like a dog, or monkey; yet they are cats! We love them and they bring us lots of joy, and we hope they bring you lots of joy as well! Thank you for taking the time to read about me 🙂

-Edna “Dolly Gustin”Sphynx Bambino cat breeder orlando florida

Proud owner of LiLNudists Cattery Orlando, Florida

Call or text (407) 256-3514

Or email LiLNudistsFlorida@gmail.com