I am very Excited to present the FIRST episode of the “Daily Mews!”  This is a long time coming, I have been wanting to start a daily video series for quiet a time now!  I finally am in a good place where I have the time, health, and head-space to make it happen.  In this daily video series I am going to be talking about ALL things Cats!  Sometimes specific to the hairless breeds of course, which are my #1 favorite cats! The series will include educational cat info, tips, how-to’s and advice, insights into the current veterinary community happenings, holistic health, cat breeding, cat behavior, cat nutrition and more!  


In this video: Episode #1 “The Daily Mews” – Heat Lamps for Sphynx, Bambino, Cats (Part 2) I show you;

  • How to Safely set up your cat (or dog) heat lamps.
  • How to secure it safely so your pet doesn’t get hurt.
  • How to prevent a fire hazard.
  • Where to purchase a heat lamp.
  • What type of heat bulbs are available for the lamps.
  • Recommendations on best bulb and wattage.