Giving to the Feline Community

Fundraising to End FIP

LiLNudists Cattery has always not only been dedicated to our own cats, the kittens we raise, and our adoptive families; but we are very dedicated to the feline community at large as well.

We began our Fundraising efforts in 2015 with the idea to create a wall calendar featuring our hairless cat community. With the sales of each calendar, we donated 50% of each to the WINN Feline Foundation. We specifically wanted to focus our fundraising efforts towards the BRIA FIP fund, which raises funds to pursue the life-saving treatment for FIP in cats and kittens.

Since 2015, we have continued our practice of creating our yearly calendar, and now after our third consecutive year we have raised a total of $1,575! We are so excited for our continued, yearly fundraising efforts, and knowing that we are though a small, but significant part of helping to finally bring the newly discovered FIP treatment to the feline world soon!