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Everyone with a hairless cat always at some point ponders about Hairless Cat Skin Care. “What is the best techniques & products to keep my hairless kitties skin clean and soft and beautiful?”  There are MANY different answers to this question depending on whom you ask and what their experience level with the breeds is.  Today we are going to shine some light on what really are the BEST products to use for your hairless, and why they are effective. Best Techniques & Products for your Hairless Kitties Skin!

The first place we need to start is a very common question of, “how often should I bathe my hairless cat?”  The answer to this question may vary some depending on your particular cat and their skin type which can be affected by several different factors including, genetics, environment, temperature, diet, and allergies.  Typically, however under the right environment your Sphynx cat will only need to be bathed once or twice per month.  There is actually negative implications of over-bathing your cat as it will dry out their skin and in turn create an environment subject to infection and will actually cause them to produce more oil as a result.  The good news is even though yes you will ALWAYS have to bathe your hairless cat; there are MANY things you can do which will give your hairless cat a beautiful soft, clean healthy skin which requires infrequent bathing. Best Techniques & Products for your Hairless Kitties Skin!

One of the biggest factors which affects the health and cleanliness of a hairless cats “coat” (skin) is actually not from what you put on them, but rather what you put in them.  The hairless breeds are in particular very sensitive to food allergies, and food allergies typically present as skin irritations as well as GI upset.  For your hairless cat to have the healthiest beautiful soft skin possible we recommend a balanced raw food diet made with high quality meats.  We recommend brands such as Natures Variety, Primal, and Stella & Chewy’s.  If you are not willing to feed a raw food diet then the next best thing would be a high quality, holistic, high protein canned food diet.  An inadequate diet will actually cause your cat to produce excess oil in the skin due to improper hydration, improper absorption of nutrients, and food allergies.Best Techniques & Products for your Hairless Kitties Skin!

The other important thing for the health of your hairless cat’s coat is to be sure they are getting adequate hydration.  The best way to hydrate your cat is to feed a raw food diet, because naturally cats are not big drinkers, in nature they receive nearly all of their fluids through the food they kill.  In addition to a raw food diet it is a good thing to offer your cat fresh water daily and preferably from a type of pet water fountain.  The reason being that in nature cats are drawn to moving water as it is a sign of water purity and freshness versus un-moving stagnate water; it is a built in natural survival instinct. Best Techniques & Products for your Hairless Kitties Skin!

Now before we dive into WHAT to bathe your cat with, we should spend a minute discussing HOW to bathe your cat properly.  Although most hairless cats tolerate the water very nicely, and if you adopted from a good breeder your baby will be used to being bathed since about 4-6 weeks of age, there are still some measures to take to ensure the most pleasurable experience as possible for both you and your cat.

The first thing to contemplate is the fact that most cats really do not like the sounds of running water; therefor it is best to set up your bathing are prior to bringing your cat in for the bath.  It typically works best to have a bathtub and fill it about to the height of your cat’s chest then you can use the water to bathe and rinse them.  If that doesn’t work well for you an alternative is to fill up two large bowls and make one soapy water and one clean water and bring them into the empty bath or shower, then use a large cup for rinsing.  It is also very helpful to spend time with your cat in the bathroom or wherever you bathe them in between baths too so they do not only associate the room with bath-time.  You can play with them with a favorite toy in the room, or just cuddle, or even feed them in there occasionally and give treats.  Of course always be sure to give lots of treats before and after bathing and maybe a fun cuddle/play session immediately after too so they will associate bath time with fun!Best Techniques & Products for your Hairless Kitties Skin!

I know, I know, you’re wanting to get on with what in the world should you bath your cat with???  To begin you must first understand the often misconstrued and widely misused theory that it is best to use a product which dries out the skin to combat oiliness, and that you should never use oil on oily skin .  This may work with inanimate things in life, but when it comes to our skin or your cat’s skin this could not be further from the truth.  For the sake of your cat’s skin adding moisture via conditioning ingredients and oils actually helps to hydrate their skin and leads to less production of oil between baths.

Through my over 13 years’ experience with the breeds, I have found the most important aspect of a bathing product is for it to be all-natural, preferably organic, free of harmful chemicals.  Most traditional common drug store products contain chemicals which are harmful to the skin and to the body like parabens, phalates, ammonium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, and a huge host of other harmful chemicals.  Many shampoos even Johnson and Johnson baby wash are also guilty of containing dyes which are chemical additives used simply to attain an ideal color and not at all healthy or natural.  Any shampoo you are using containing chemicals and dyes will add to the imbalance of your cat’s coat by throwing it out of a normal PH level and therefore creating non ideal health resulting in excess oil, dullness, and even rash.

Thankfully consumers today are waking up to the fact that many products we buy contain many ingredients which harm us every day and therefore there are now wide arrays of healthy, natural, organic products available to us.  You can shop at a local health food store, online, or a community farmers market and easily find natural shampoo or body wash to use for your kitty.  Be sure to read the labels though to watch out for hidden chemicals.  A good way to be certain a product really IS safe and natural for your kitty is to look for the greed USDA certification seal on the label.  Any product can claim to be organic if it has even just a small percentage of organic ingredients even if the rest are harsh chemicals so don’t get duped; any product with the seal MUST contain 100% safe organic ingredients.


We are Now actually producing our own line of Organic all natural skin care products called Nudie NaturalsTM.  Although we have not yet been able to achieve USDA Certified Organic Seal, all of our products are made with organic ingredients and we have literature provided on our webstore which shows our source of ingredients used.  You can purchase on our Etsy store @ etsy.com/shop/NudieNaturals.  There are also a few other brands we recommend if you do not wish to purchase form us.  A few brands we recommend are:



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Well there you have it, you never knew there could be so much information and things to consider when it comes to bathing your cat did you?  I hope that you will take this information and apply it to yourself and your family as well.  If you have not yet opened your eyes to investigating your common everyday products like cosmetics, toiletries, and cleaning supplies now is the time to start.  In the United States there are literally thousands upon thousands of chemicals, many of which have been proven to have adverse health effects, which are approved and legal for use and sale in products made and sold here.  My advice is to start with one item at a time, like your cats shampoo and dedicate the necessary time and energy to research the best options for the product and replace the old with the new one item at a time.  Remember as a consumer you have the largest impact on what is made and sold in this country and around the world. If you and others all decide to never again buy a baby shampoo which contains harmful chemicals and dyes then the manufactures would be forced to make changes to their formulations which would cut into their immense profits and force them to care about the health of their consumers.

Please note: This article has been provided for informational purposes only. If your pet is showing any signs of illness, please consult a veterinarian as quickly as possible. A raw food diet may not be appropriate for all cats in all stages of health and we always recommend having your cat examined and discussing diet changes with your veterinarian.


Keep those Hairless Kitties Healthy and Happy Everyone!!!


Text: Copyright © April Arguin RDH, Founder of LiLNudists Sphynx & Bambino Cattery. All rights reserved.