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Sphynx and Bambino Cats and KittensHello, thanks for visiting my page, my name is Heather Langdon, and together with my Husband Tim, and my best friend and neighbor Melissa, we are striving to bring the best Sphynx and Bambino kittens and their owners together. We are located in sunny Southern California just north of Los Angeles.

As a young girl, I first came across an article at a news stand about the most unique, amazing, hairless cats, with their velvety soft, skin, and I knew I would have one someday. Several years later, I became a veterinary assistant, and during that time gained valuable knowledge and skills that would later help me to better care for our beautiful cats. I later met my Husband Tim, who I have to thank, as he was willing to go on this little adventure with me, and now we fight over who gets to sleep with the kitties!


Sphynx and Bambino Cats and KittensAfter adopting a gorgeous little kitten named Meeri and watching her grow into a gorgeous adult with a TICA championship, we began spending countless days and hours researching and talking with other breeders; learning as much as we could to put forth the best breeding program we could. 





Over the years we have raised several outstanding females who we have held back for our program, and have two gorgeous boys, Duke and Beau. Because of our high standards, we are able to bring the most adorable healthy and personable kittens into the world and pair them up with amazing loving families.

We raise all our kittens in our home with us, and they are given the attention from our kids and us, guests and other pets, groomed, and introduced to many different situations… so they are well socialized when they go to their new homes. They receive top notch veterinary care and are current on everything they need when they go to their new homes. We want to thank April for welcoming us to be part of the LiLNudists’ family.


California Cattery (2)
Proud Parents at LiLNudists Cattery; Littlerock, California~ Heather & Tim Langdon