How Much Protein should be in pets food

It is a sad reality in the current pet food market, that very few of the pet canned food manufactures actually include the ideal amount of protein for our pets in their canned food formulas… and forget about dry foods, none even come close!  However, due to the labeling laws on pet foods, figuring out just how much protein actually is in your pets food can be confusing!  

To figure how much protein is REALLY in your pet’s food, follow this simple equation:

1. Find the amount of moisture listed on the food.
2. Subtract that amount from 100.

Ex: 78% moisture… 100-78 = 22… this number is the “dry matter.” (the actual food ingredients without the water).

3. Find the amount of protein in the food.
4. Divide the amount of protein by the amount of dry matter.

Ex: 8% protein / 22% dry matter = 36% protein. Combine this with the 20% fat and .08% bone and you have a total of only 65% protein, fat, and bone content.

Now this is a HUGE problem as this is Science Diet… a highly VET-RECOMMENDED canned cat food and it is WAY under the ideal level of protein for cats! A species-appropriate diet for our cats is they should be eating 90-95% protein, fat and bone.

Our dogs should be eating 75-80% protein, fats, and bone… and very few dog canned foods on the market comes close to those numbers either!

Look for one of the rare high quality canned food diet which meets the ideal protein levels, 
(my top recommended canned diets coming soon…) or feed your pets a quality frozen raw food diet like Primal, Stella & Chewy, or Small Batch which all have ideal levels of meat protein. Or better yet, learn how to make your OWN home-made balanced cooked or raw diets! (reach out for a consult to learn how!)


Sincerely, your PetCoach

April Arguin  A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H.