It is a very critical part of adopting a new pet is to have a plan where to quarantine them once arriving home to you.  This is MOST important when you have existing pets in your home, however is also beneficial even if this is your first pet, because a properly thought out quarantine area will help to keep your new pet calm, and safe and have a place to slowly adjust to their new environment. 

A quarantine period should last a minimum of 7-10 days, but can and should go longer if the new pet or existing pets are having any difficulties with adjusting.   https://www.youtube.com/embed/PnHxoNhdzEU

Things to put into the quarantine area:

  • Pet bed
  • Blankets
  • Toys
  • Food & Water
  • Scratchers + Litter pan for cats
  • Pee pads / potty grass for dogs
  • Blankets or Clothing with scents of other pets and family members for the new pet to get used to. 
  • Consider a calming pheromone plug-in as well

Good areas in your home to use for quarantine include:

  • Guest bathroom or master bath
  • Spare bedroom or your bedroom (not best if your existing pets sleep in the bedroom with you because you want their routines to stay as similar as possible)
  • Laundry room
  • Even a large closet would work for small pets

It might seem hard to bring your new pet home and wait this period for them to come out and meet the rest of the family but it is well worth the patience to keep everyone safe and help ensure that they have a smooth transition with everyone in your home for great lasting bonds!

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