How to “Retrain” your cat to use the litter box!

Inappropriate Litter Box use is cited as the number ONE reason cats are displaced into shelters! Correcting inappropriate litter box use is critical to your cat and your home.

There are Many different reasons why a cat stops using the litter box. However in this video I discuss the possible causes common to a new kitten or cat in the home. One cause could be the mistake of not ensuring you are using the same type of litter your kitten or cat was used to at the breeder, the shelter, or the previous home you adopted from.

Secondly, you may have a situation where your new cat or kitten has just become “distracted” in your home and either forgets where the litter box is located, or has a hard time getting to it quickly enough!


To Re-Train” your cat/kitten to the litter box simply follow these steps:

1. Put kitty into a quiet room with no other pets. This can be a bedroom, a guest room, a bathroom or laundry area.

2. Put TWO small, flat litter pans in the room with your kitty.

3. Fill one pan with your current litter, and fill the second pan with a Cat Attractant litter like this one by Dr. Elsey’s : chewy.com/dr-elseys-precious-cat-attrac…/…/32365

4. Keep your kitty in the room for 7 days with their cat bed, cat toys, food and water of course.

5. After the 7 day re-training period, begin letting your cat out of the training room under supervision at the rate of:
1 Hour day one
2 Hours day two
3 Hours day three
4 Hours day four

6. If all has gone well after the 7 day retraining period,and the following 4 days supervised outings, then you are free to now let your cat back out into your entire home. (if any accidents happen during the extended outing periods go back a few days in the process and start again.)

7. Put the two litter pans that were in the room with your cat into quiet places in your home out of the way of foot traffic.


Retrain your cat to the litter box


Keep those Kitties Happy & Healthy!