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Sphynx catteryHello all! Thank for visiting our site! I want to take a minute to tell you a little more about myself. My name is Kristin, and I currently live in Jacksonville, Florida. I have loved every type of animal ever since I can remember. I have a Bachelors degree from Penn State University in Animal Bioscience, which basically means pre-veterinary medicine. I never wanted to go to vet school but instead work as a humane officer or be a zoo keeper for any type big cat. Since graduation, however, I have been working as a veterinary technician and a dog groomer.

sPHYNX bREEDER jACKSONVILLE fLORIDASince the first time I saw a sphynx cat, I have wanted one. I just thought they were the most beautiful creatures! I started to look a few years ago and found LiLNudists. First of all I just loved the name! Then I saw that April had retired 2 of her breeders, Juicy and Geisha, and they were up for adoption. I inquired about them, adopted them,  and they became what started my absolute love and obsession for the sphynx breed!

I have never owned a cat before other than fostering a couple strays I had came upon. Since working as a vet tech, I have been learning more and more about cats. So I thought I knew what I was expecting. These two were nothing like what I have learned about Hairless Sphynx Bambino cats kittenscats!! They were dogs in cat clothing!! I completely fell head over heals for them. I had always wanted to get into breeding.


With my love  and passion for the sphynx I knew I just had to help bring these beautiful and magnificent beings into this world. So I had discussed with April what I would have to do to breed these amazing animals. That’s how I became one of the family members of the close knit group LiLNudists Cattery. 

~Kristin Bozich~

Proud Parent at LiLNudists Jacksonvile. Florida

Call Or Text # (321) 537 -2763

Or Email @ LiLNudists@gmail.com