LiLNudists Cattery Policies Statement

  1. Purpose

    • The purpose of this policy statement is to address and outline all of our cattery operations and provide and insight as to our standards and guidelines which are upheld by all LiLNudists partners and locations.
  2. Ethics Policies

    • LiLNudists Cattery is honest and ethical in all that we do. We will not say things that are false. We will never deliberately mislead. We will be as candid as possible and openly and freely share information, as appropriate to the relationship.
    • We always put the health and well-being of our cats and kittens before all else; and do everything we can to remain the quality ethical cattery we have always been known for.
    • Our commitment is to continually strive to improve the health and quality of our breeding programs by educating ourselves and sharing information with the community for the betterment of the breeds.
  3. Customer Service Policies

    • We answer all questions in the timeliest manner possible and make ourselves available at most working hours of the day, and most days of the week.
    • We do not tolerate any negativity, bullying, or profanity on any of our social media platforms and anyone acting as such will be removed and banned.
    • We stay in close communications with all of our adoptive parents, before, during, and after their new cat or kitten goes home.
    • We do allow visits to our homes/catteries from anyone with an approved adoption application prior to the visit.
  4. Operating Policies

    • It is our Policy to only breed our male or female cats until the age of 6 years. (We strongly feel any longer time frame of breeding is simply too stressful on the cats bodies, and over-all well-being. A cat remaining intact past this age is also at higher risk for breeding related complications and illnesses. We also strongly feel that all of our cats deserve to have the more individualized attention of a life as a retired altered pet by this age at least.)
    • We begin breeding our cats when their bodies have naturally matured and they are ready for breeding. (We do not stick to any stringent time frame; we breed them when they need to be bred. By need we mean that some cats begin going into heat cycles as early as 6 months of age and it is only safe to hold them off form breeding for a certain period of time and after so many heat cycles before being bred or they are at risk for a potentially deadly condition called pyometra. We breed by the 3rd or 4th strong heat cycle in our female cats. Our cats tend to reach full maturity younger than others of the hairless breeds, because we take such great care of our cat’s health and feed high quality canned and raw food diets. It is not unusual for our kittens to reach 4 pounds by 12 weeks old to the astonishment of our veterinarians, and this is sometimes already half of their full grown body weight. All of this taken into consideration we decided years ago to not be held to the peer pressure of sticking to a strict “do not breed before ageナ;” and instead went with the advice of our trusted veterinarians and listened to the health and needs of our cats and do what is best for them.)
    • We only breed our cats as often as their individual bodies need. (This may mean for some of our cats they are bred once every 16 months, or for some of our cats this may mean they are bred every 8 months; and this will vary even among the same cat at different stages in their life as they often have more severe frequent heat cycles when they are younger and decline in strength and frequency as they age. We have also noted through our years of experience that the frequency and need for breeding depends largely on the climate as we have seen our Florida based catteries have a more frequent breeding schedule than our catteries in the north even with the same cats.)
    • We HCM scan all of our cats by at LEAST 2 years of age; our males are scanned typically around the age of one and our females typically by the age of 18 months or immediately after their first litter. (It would be ideal to scan each cat before breeding, but as aforementioned if a female cat cannot be safely kept from breeding until after one year of age they are bred once first. An accurate HCM scan can’t be obtained while a cat is in heat, pregnant or nursing. It is not recommended to scan before one year of age as in the majority of cases there are no notable changes in the heart until the age of two years. We scan routinely as recommended by our veterinary cardiologists whom recommend scanning by 2 years old and every 1-2 years thereafter. Reference more information on HCM scanning recommendations at; http://www.hairlesshearts.org/index.php/what-is-hcm/feline-hcm-advice-for-breeders, and http://www.winnfelinefoundation.org/docs/default-source/cat-health-library-educational-articles/hypertrophic-cardiomyopathy-for-breeders.pdf?sfvrsn=2)
    • We offer our adoptive parents a 1 year congenital health and 4 year HCM guarantee on all cats and kittens. (If adopters adhere to a scanning schedule of having all cats scanned at least by 2,4,and 6 years of age then they will be eligible for a kitten replacement if their cat should ever be diagnosed with HCM by the age of 4.)
    • We work within our closed cattery group as much as possible over adopting cats from outside lines. (We have a great history of strong outcrossing programs in our cattery which have allowed us to produce generation upon generation of healthy, HCM free cats. We know and trust the strength and health of our own cats who we have raised ourselves in our homes since they were babies.)
    • We only keep kittens in our breeding programs if they meet our strict requirements of health, personality, and type.
    • We alter any cat that experiences any difficulty in the cattery in regards to physical or mental condition, or reproductive health. (Without regards to how perfect they are, how long we have had them in the program, or how many kittens they produce; if they do not maintain and meet the strict standards we have set within our breeding guidelines is altered.)
    • We spay/neuter every kitten before going home between the ages of 12-16 weeks of age. (We very rarely will place intact cats with other breeders, only if we are able to form a close trusting relationship with the breeder and they meet our strict standards of breeding policies as well. We never place an intact cat to anyone wishing to have a litter or two just for fun, or to show their children, or just because they want to give them to their friends/family.)
    • We do not breed Bambino cat to Bambino cat. (This results in 25% of the kittens not being viable as the double gene is lethal. We only breed Bambino to Sphynx to ensure that all babies are healthy.)
    • We do not breed a bobtail cat to a bobtail cat. (Breeding of two bobtail cats can result in health issues related to the tail being too short as is the Manx breed. We never use Manx in our bobtail program due to their history of health issues. We only use the American Bobtail cat or Domestic bobtail cats in our program to ensure that no health issues are being brought into the new breed, as the America bobtail and Domestic cats are some of the heartiest cats on the planet.)
    • We never breed two cats together that have a relationship to one another as close back as grandparents. (Although line breeding, ie. Father to daughter, is considered perfectly acceptable in the cat breeding fancy, it is not acceptable to us. We strongly feel that this inbreeding is a huge detriment to the health of the cats and a major factor in the recurrence and severity of conditions plaguing this breed.)
    • Our policies is to register all of our cats through the “Rare and Exotic Feline Registry.” (We previously registered through TICA, however they have recently passed a ruling which have deemed our Bambino breed as unrecognized breed.)
    • We always administer the first round of kitten vaccinations in-house at 7 weeks of age. (This is so that our kittens with their yet developing immune system are not put through the stress of traveling and possibly being exposed to infections while at the veterinary office. We then have the 2nd round of vaccine administered by our veterinarians within 3 weeks.)
    • Every LiLNudists Cat/Kitten adoption includes: one month of free health insurance, two rounds of distemper, microchipped, spayed/neutered, registration papers, health certificates, health guarantees, dewormed, negative fecal, negative FIV/FeLV tests, kitten preparation list, home care instructions, kitten feeding instructions/pamphlet, and all adults over the age of 3 also have a dental cleaning performed.
  5. Adoption/Deposit Policies

    • To be eligible to adopt a cat/kitten from LiLNudists Cattery, an adoption application must be completed and approved.
    • We do allow visitors to our cattery locations. However you must complete and adoption application form and submit a $500. This deposit can be refunded if you visit the cats and decide that you do not wish to adopt.
    • We require a $20 nonrefundable application fee which allows you to be pre-approved to adopt any of our available kittens before the general public.
    • If, for any reason of no fault to the adopter, the reserved adoption does not go through on a kitten chosen, the adopter has the right to choose a kitten from the next litter ahead of everyone else.
    • We require a total of a $500 non-refundable deposit to hold any available kitten . We also require a signed contract within 3 days of the deposit to hold.
    • We will hold a kitten for a potential adopter for up to 3 days if they choose to mail a check or money order for the deposit.
    • If an adopter cancels the adoption of a kitten for any reason, the deposit for that kitten will be retained, and the adopter will not be eligible to adopt from LiLNudists Cattery anytime again in the future. (Legitimate unforeseen events will be considered upon furnishing proof of need.)
    • If anyone returns a kitten/cat for any reason, they will not be eligible to adopt from us again in the future.
    • We provide the option to “board” a kitten with us for a rate of $50 per week should an occasion arise which prevents the kitten from going home on the planned/scheduled go home date.
    • We offer a $100 discount on the 2nd adoption of a kitten and a $200 discount on the adoption of a 3rd or more kitten, also if 2 kittens are adopted at the same time a $200 discount is offered.

We are happy to discuss any of our policy details with you further should you have concerns simply email us