Due to many constant requests on which pre-made raw cat food diets to recommend;  I have spent countless hours researching all brands of commercially prepared raw food diets which are on today’s market.  The raw food movement is growing very fast it seems there is now a freezer with raw food in every pet store around every corner.  The reason for this new consumer-driven market is the growing number of people who are dedicating themselves to learning the numerous fantastic benefits of a raw food diet for pets.  People are learning that not only is raw not “dangerous” as it was once touted to be, but it can be perfectly safe with proper handling and despite popular belief it can be VERY affordable as well.   

I specifically looked for companies which offered a “complete and balanced” diet as per the AAFCO guidelines because despite the many short-comings of the AAFCO guidelines this at least gives the consumer the knowledge that these foods meet the minimum requirements of proper nutrition as this is often another concern to many people investigating the raw food diets.  I also investigated safety procedures of diets during and after manufacturing, sources of products used in the diets, availability and prices.  I was happy to discover that many of the companies are small family owned companies and take great pride in being sure they are producing a high quality safe product and many are also very concerned with being as ecofriendly as possible.  

Now before you jump right to the list and start investigating which raw food you will want to feed your kitty I have a couple of important points for you to bear in mind. First being that when it comes to feeding raw food one of the many benefits is that you can often buy the food in bulk quantities to bring added savings.  Personally I purchase 50lbs at a time from my local pet food store and because of that I receive an additional 10% discount.  So TALK to your local holistic pet food store, many times the owner will be willing to provide added discounts to repeat customers of bulk orders.  Also another thing to consider is that as with any other diet it is BEST for your cat’s health to rotate foods in both the brands as well as protein sources (flavors).  This is also very important when feeding a raw food diet as there are many variations of products (meats, vegetables, and supplements) which are included in each companies formulations to produce the final product.  While some contain cod liver oil; excellent for immune function and growth and development, others contain sea kelp which provides a wide array of antioxidants and vitamins.  Therefore it is in the best interest of the health of your pet to switch and feed the foods in rotation, we recommend offering a variety of 2-3 different types of foods each week; this helps to ensure that your cats receives the many benefits of all of the different nutrients available to them. 

I have listed the foods in order based on several different factors such as, available protein varieties, availability, sizes of products available, and cost.  However this does not mean that the food at the bottom of the list is necessarily a better food than the food at the top of the list, as I said before they all have their great qualities and health benefits for your cat and we recommend feeding some of each in rotation.  One final factor to consider is how the foods are manufactured, a couple of the companies use a technique called HPP (High pressure processing) which is proven effective by the USDA to kill dangerous bacteria like Salmonella and E. Coli, yet still allowing foods to maintain their natural state with unaltered nutrients.  While any raw food which is handled and fed properly to your cat is considered safe due to cats having a unique digestive tract which is designed to prevent bacterial infection… this might be a deciding factor for you if you have small children in your home, or are immune-compromised. 

There are also many companies who provide just meat or meat and bones to which all you need to do is to add your own supplements, and done properly these diets can be completely balanced and very high quality nutritious diets for your cats too.  A few such companies are, Feed This Inc.; Hare Today Gone Tomorrow, Blue Ridge Beef, Reel Raw, and Alnutrin, and Feline Pride supplements.  For more information on how to feed your cat a raw food diet properly and properly transition them with success please check out my ‘switching to raw diet” blog.  Look forward to my up-coming blog on Freeze Dried Raw Foods.


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Please note: This article has been provided for informational purposes only. If your pet is showing any signs of illness, please consult a veterinarian as quickly as possible. A raw food diet may not be appropriate for all cats in all stages of health and we always recommend having your cat examined and discussing diet changes with your veterinarian.


Keep those Hairless Kitties Healthy and Happy Everyone!!!


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