Learn how to use good nutrition supplementation, and cardiac check-ups to help keep your cats Heart Healthy!

The first, most important thing you can do to keep you cats heart healthy, is to feed them a great quality diet everyday.  This will give your cat’s heart the amino acids (protein building blocks), minerals, and vitamins needed to support normal, strong, healthy functioning.  

Just like humans, heart disease is one of the most prevalent diseases in our beloved feline companions.  If you own a cat, being aware of signs and symptoms of heart disease, and what you can do to prevent it is important.  This is especially true if you own one of the hairless breeds which are known to have higher than average incidence rate!


To help keep your cat’s heart strong and healthy you need to simply follow these steps:

  1.  Feed the best quality diet you can. The best is a RAW food diet, second best is a high protein canned food diet.  Either way, the diet should be at least 95% protein and fats, with only 5% carbohydrates.
  2. Take your cat to your veterinarian yearly for a checkup to listen to their heart.
  3. If you have a sphynx breed cat, bring them to a cardiologist every year for a heart scan, or echocardiogram to visually look at the heart.  This is critical, because heart disease can often not be heard, and can have no signs or symptoms; also early detection can add 5+ years to your cats life!
  4. Give your cat daily heart health supplements.
  5. If your cat is diagnosed with heart disease, give additional heart specific supplements to help their heart stay as strong as possible along with their conventional drug therapies.  

To learn more, and see what supplements you should be giving your cat everyday to keep them safe, watch my video @ 


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Keep those Hairless Kitties Happy & Healthy Everyone! 

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