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This video RAW Cat Food! You will learn all you need to know about feeding your pets a high quality properly balanced excellent raw food diet without the guesswork, worry and hassle of trying to make it yourself!  

All About RAW Cat Food!

In today’s fast-paced, fast food life, too often people do not stop to take the time and consider the most important thing we do every day; EAT!  The goal of this blog RAW Cat Food, is to provide insight and education and an introduction to raw cat food diet.  As true as that is for us, it is unfortunately even more so for our most precious four-legged companions; OUR CATS!!!    Typically people will be victim to clever advertising and marketing schemes promoting that the pet food company’s food is “All Natural, Scientifically Proven, or Holistic;” sadly more times than not these claims are misleading and just down-right not true.   So this leaves us kitty mommy’s and daddy’s wandering through the isles of the pet stores looking at the colorful names and colorful labels of canned and dry food diets trying to decide which is the best one for our cats and kittens…  and HOW there are just TOO many choices!!! 

Well hopefully if you have adopted a kitten from us in the past you would have headed our advice into which foods to feed and at least been feeding a higher quality canned or dry food diet; but just as you I have been learning along through the years and experimenting with different brands to discover what works best for my sphynx and bambino cats and kittens, and finally, simply put… I have found the Best!   The main points of focus for the best quality of food we can feed our cats is that the food contains real whole sources of protein, no grain, no soy, no wheat, gluten or dairy, and no additional by products and fillers.  The other key point to focus on is that the food should contain a high protein content and low carbohydrates; this being that when you consider a cat’s natural diet in the wild they would not be chomping on rice, potatoes or corn meal!  In our cats natural diet they would hunt their prey be it a small bird or rodent, they would then take their catch to a safe quiet place and eat it immediately.  They do NOT, cook it first, or smoke it, or preserve or dehydrate it!  I mean think of how astonishing it would be to see a cat outside with his catch on a stick roasting over an open fire LOL!

raw cat food

In all seriousness though this is the main reason why NO other diet for our cats is truly “Natural,” other than a raw food diet; because cats just are Not meant to eat cooked food!  The other point to be made is that when our precious kitties would have caught their prized prey, they eat the whole animal; not just the dark meat or the “by products.”  Not to be too graphic, but they would eat all of the animal’s soft tissues and muscles as well as the small soft bones, cartilage, and organs.  This includes of course the contents of what their prey has eaten, which would include various sources of wild natural carbohydrates like berries, nuts, roots and grasses.  In this one whole animal our natural cats would receive all of the protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals which they need to not only survive, but to achieve optimal health and nutrition.  One last thought for you to consider… Have you ever wondered how most pet food companies keep the meat in our kitties dry and canned foods from going rancid after sitting on a shelf in a pet food store without refrigerated for months or even years???  SCARY!!!

Please note: This article has been provided for informational purposes only. If your pet is showing any signs of illness, please consult a veterinarian as quickly as possible. A raw food diet may not be appropriate for all cats in all stages of health and we always recommend having your cat examined and discussing diet changes with your veterinarian.


Keep those Hairless Kitties Healthy and Happy Everyone!!!

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