“ReNew Pet” EyeClear Drops are here!
After a trying period of debating how to move forward with our new product line, we have decided that the NudieNaturals grooming product line is now complete and no new products will be produced under the NudieNaturals name.  

There are two reasons for this:

1. NudieNaturals was developed to specifically meet the unique needs of hairless pets, and while most all of the products can be used on pets with fur as well, many of the products are simply not needed in our pets with fur, (like the nail cleaner).  We DO now carry a single line of all natural shampoo for pets with fur however called “Nudie Naturals 4-Furry Friends!”

2.  The second reason being that NudieNaturals line was developed to simply meet the needs of basic grooming requirements for hairless pets.  However as many of us have seen first hand, these hairless pets in particular tend to deal with some other challenging health needs which require beyond the basics of grooming care.

We have decided that the new line “ReNew Pet,” will encompass all future natural, herbal products which are created to address specific needs for all pets.  This includes but not limited to; eye issues like pink, swollen, leaking, irritated eyes (EyeClear), nasal congestion, running/dripping nose (NasalClear), chronic immune dysfunction issues leading to coughing, sneezing, congestion (ImmuneBoost).  We also plan to include future products to address chronic skin irritations, digestive dysfunction, and a general nutritional supplement for whole health protection.