Sphynx & Bambino Cat Acne Treatment Video Demo

This video demonstrates how to use our NudieNaturals Sphynx & Bambino Cat Acne Treatment.  This pet acne treatment is designed to work on any breed of hairless cats and hairless dogs who have a tendency towards developing acne.  Hairless pets tend to develop acne due to the lack of fur on thier skin which typically naturally absorbs the bodies excess oils.  However, in hairless pets, this oil builds up on the skin and when not cleaned regularly, or without the use of proper products, acne can develop.

To reduce the build-up of acne on your hairless pet be sure to bath regularly, typically once every 2 weeks, sometimes more for some pets.  Also be sure you are using products specially formulated for the hairless pets, which will clean the skin but not dry it out and maintain a good Ph balance.  Any shampoo product used should be oil based, not soap based.  


NudieNaturals is our own developed natural hairless pet grooming product line.  

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