natural treats for sphynx, bambino, lykoi

Dandelions – Fun treat for your Sphynx/Bambino/Lykoi Cats!

Hello again all of my pet lovers!  Just a quick note today to let you know about a fun unique natural treat for your sphynx cats! I am talking about Dandelions – sadly many people in our modern world today do not value these incredible plants, as we view them as a pesky weed in our yards.  Personally however, once this whole world of natural medicine began to open up to me I have begun looking Read more…

Do you need to be concerned about petfood giants purchasing vet clinics?

For the past few years, there has been an alarming trend of processed pet food giants purchasing veterinary clinics. Now many previously independent veterinary facilities have been acquired from these large corporations.  Most of the time, instead of focusing on the health of your pets, these new “clinic owners” are focused mainly on generating profits, and not really valuing you, your pets, or the people who work for them.  Not to mention, this practice further increases Read more…

why i became a sphynx cat breeder

Why I became a Sphynx cat breeder!

Just a fun Friday night talking about Sphynx & Bambino Cats! In this video I talk about the many reasons why I became a sphynx cat breeder now 14 years ago. What led me to knowing this was the right path for me, how I discovered the breed, and why I fell so in love with them! April Arguin -aka- CatHealthCoach_April

A day in the life of a cat breeder

A Day in the Life of a Cat Breeder!

Just a fun Friday night talking about Sphynx & Bambino, SphynxieBob & BamBob Cats! In this video I do my first interview and interview my mom Wendy Arguin with LiLNudists Cattery Jacksonville, to discuss and show all of you what a day in the life of a cat breeder is really like! What is it like to raise sphynx and bambino kittens, how much time per day is required, what kinds of things do you Read more…

How to Choose a Good Cat Breeder!

Just a fun Friday night talking about Sphynx & Bambino Cats! In this video I give the top 5 things that you need to know when looking for a cat breeder. The things you want o look for and ask for to ensure you are working with a good quality breeder and going to receive a good quality healthy kitten.

sphynx cat grooming

NudieNaturals Shampoo Formulas Explained!

Do you know which NudieNatural’s shampoo formula would be best for YOUR pet? NudieNaturals Shampoo & Conditioner actually comes in 5 different formulas. We have 3 formulas in our main shampoo & conditioner shampoos designed for normal/oil skin, sensitive/dry skin, or rash/allergic type skin. We also have 2 waterless shampoo formulas appropriate for normal/oily skin, and sensitive/dry skin.   To learn more about each, and to determine which formula would be best for your pet. Read more…

Pet Safe Bug Repellent

Why your pet needs Pet-Safe Bug Repellent!

NudieNaturals Pet Bug Repellent! It is very important to know that you can not use standard human bug repellents/bug sprays on your pet’s. These traditional bug sprays have chemical ingredient’s which can be very dangerous, even deadly for your pet’s! Alternatively, you should be using a pet-safe, all natural bug repellent like NudieNatural’s bug repellent which uses simple organic ingredients to safely and effectively repel pests. It is very important to use protection on your Read more…

all about pet dental products

“Daily Mews” Episode #9 – All about Pet Dental Products!

All about dental products for your pets! What you need to know to be sure you are getting quality products, not wasting your money, or harming your pet’s health! In this video I discuss some of the most popular dental products currently on the market such as: 1. Pet Water dental additives 2. Pet Dental Gels 3. Pet Dental Sprays 4. Pet Dental Gels 5. Pet Toothpaste Learn why most of these pet dental products Read more…

Pet NasalClear

“ReNew Pet” NasalClear Remedy is here!

“ReNew Pet” NasalClear Remedy is here! If your pet is suffering with chronic nasal congestion, you need to know about our nasal-clear solution.  This is a 2 part solution when combined provides an osmotic saline solution along with powerful herbal ingredients selected to specifically help target various causes of lasting nasal congestion and irritation in dogs and cats.    Help give your pet relief in a natural, safe, effective way with our new “ReNew Pet” Nasal Clear formula.