Sphynx Cat Supplements – What you need to know!


In this video I will instruct you on Sphynx Cat Supplements, whether or not your pet needs a supplement, what supplements they may needs, and also EASY simple ways to add needed supplements into your pets diet!  Pet Supplements what you need to know!

  • If your pet is on a high quality high protein diet, an additional supplement may not be needed until 4-5 years of age.
  • If your pet is a specialized breed, like the hairless breeds it may helpful to add an additional supplement daily which will boost the taurine levels in their daily diet.
  • Supplements for bladder health, heart health, skin health, and liver health.
  • How to feed supplements and medication in easily in pill pockets.
  • How to label and store your pet’s supplements.
  • Easily add you pet’s supplements into their food daily.