What are the best Sphynx Grooming Products?est Techniques & Products for your Hairless Kitties Skin!

The first place we need to start is a very common question of, “how often should I bathe my hairless cat?”  The answer to this question may vary some depending on your particular cat and their skin type which can be affected by several different factors including, genetics, environment, temperature, diet, and allergies.  Typically, however under the right environment your Sphynx cat will only need to be bathed once or twice per month.  There is actually negative implications of over-bathing your cat as it will dry out their skin and in turn create an environment subject to infection and will actually cause them to produce more oil as a result.  The good news is even though yes you will ALWAYS have to bathe your hairless cat; there are MANY things you can do which will give your hairless cat a beautiful soft, clean healthy skin which requires infrequent bathing. Best Techniques & Products for your Hairless Kitties Skin!

One of the biggest factors which affects the health and cleanliness of a hairless cats “coat” (skin) is actually not from what you put on them, but rather what you put in them.  The hairless breeds are in particular very sensitive to food allergies, and food allergies typically present as skin irritations as well as GI upset.  For your hairless cat to have the healthiest beautiful soft skin possible we recommend a balanced raw food diet made with high quality meats.  We recommend brands such as Natures Variety, Primal, and Stella & Chewy’s.  If you are not willing to feed a raw food diet then the next best thing would be a high quality, holistic, high protein canned food diet.  An inadequate diet will actually cause your cat to produce excess oil in the skin due to improper hydration, improper absorption of nutrients, and food allergies.Best Techniques & Products for your Hairless Kitties Skin!

The other important thing for the health of your hairless cat’s coat is to be sure they are getting adequate hydration.  The best way to hydrate your cat is to feed a raw food diet, because naturally cats are not big drinkers, in nature they receive nearly all of their fluids through the food they kill.  In addition to a raw food diet it is a good thing to offer your cat fresh water daily and preferably from a type of pet water fountain.  The reason being that in nature cats are drawn to moving water as it is a sign of water purity and freshness versus un-moving stagnate water; it is a built in natural survival instinct. Best Techniques & Products for your Hairless ittes Ski

Through my over 13 years’ experience with the breeds, I have found the most important aspect of a bathing product is for it to be all-natural, preferably organic, free of harmful chemicals.  Most traditional common drug store products contain chemicals which are harmful to the skin and to the body like parabens, phalates, ammonium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, and a huge host of other harmful chemicals.  Many shampoos even Johnson and Johnson baby wash are also guilty of containing dyes which are chemical additives used simply to attain an ideal color and not at all healthy or natural.  Any shampoo you are using containing chemicals and dyes will add to the imbalance of your cat’s coat by throwing it out of a normal PH level and therefore creating non ideal health resulting in excess oil, dullness, and even rash.

We are Now actually producing our own line of all natural skin care products called NudieNaturalsTM.  Although not yet Organic certified, all of our products are made with only the best organic ingredients!  You can purchase on our Etsy store @ etsy.com/shop/NudieNaturals.  



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    Sphynx Grooming Products!

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Keep those Hairless Kitties Healthy and Happy Everyone!!!


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