BamBob and SPhynxieBob Cat

BamBob & SphynxieBob Cats

This Video I explain everything about BamBob and SphynxieBob Cats!!!   The origination of the BamBob & SphynxieBob What are the unique features of he BamBob & SphynxieBob How natural Bobtail cats are found in the wild The great nature of the BamBob & SphynxieBob Cats  

Cat Health Video Canned food

Canned Cat Food!

In this video I talk about all of the benefits of feeding a Canned Cat Food Diet!      Canned Cat Food… What is that mysterious meat in the can? May 20, 2014/in Uncategorized /by lilnudists Many a cat owner knows that their cats love their canned cat food. They hear that can Read more…