How to use hairless pet conditioner

Sphynx Cat Conditioner

Why your cat needs Sphynx Cat Conditioner   In this video I explain why A Sphynx Cat Conditioner is needed after their bath.  How to use hairless pet conditioner, and how to properly apply the conditioner.   Purchase your conditioner on NudieNaturals Etsy store @  

Feline Herpes Virus

Feline Herpes Virus   Understanding Feline Herpes Virus Feline herpes virus is considered the most common cause of feline upper respiratory infections.  It is better known as the “common cold” in cats.  Feline herpes virus is caused by the FHV-1 virus which is contracted from direct cat to cat contact.  Although Read more…

raw cat food video

RAW Cat Food!

RAW Cat Food!     This video RAW Cat Food! You will learn all you need to know about feeding your pets a high quality properly balanced excellent raw food diet without the guesswork, worry and hassle of trying to make it yourself!   All About RAW Cat Food! In today’s Read more…