While I actually do recommend a diet of a high-protein, quality canned pet food to help keep your pets healthy; unfortunately, even the best canned foods on the market are lacking in quality nutrition to give your pets a life of thriving.  Canned foods are still cooked foods which are very processed and the healthy meat, vegetable, starch, and fruit ingredients lose a lot of nutrients through this rendering, cooking, and canning process.
why canned pet food is bad

This is why you see a number of vitamins and minerals being added BACK into canned foods, to replace what was lost that your pet requires to keep from becoming deficient.  Unfortunately, even with all of these nutrients added back in, canned diets alone are lacking the freshness, and vitality which FRESH FOOD diets are rich in. Think of it this way, is a can of spinach better for you, or fresh spinach? You get the idea!  No one would ever think that feeding a human only foods from a can everyday would be the best option; so why is this often what we do for our pets?

Set the canned food aside today, and explore some of the better options for your pet:

1. PROPERLY BALANCED Frozen raw diets either home-made or commercial made (NO YOU CAN NOT JUST FEED RAW CHICKEN AND RICE).
2. Gently cooked diets of fresh meat and carbohydrate ingredients, home-made or commercial made.
3. Freeze-dried raw diets.
4. Dehydrated pet foods.
5. Air-dried pet foods.

Sincerely, your PetCoach

April Arguin  A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H.

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