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swing setHi!  Welcome to my cattery. My name is Wendy, I am April Arguin’s mother and I am the proud owner of LiLNudists, a small cattery located in beautiful Jacksonville, Florida. I first became involved with the hairless cat breeds with my daughter April years ago when she began breeding them in 2006. I had always been a huge cat lover and had even raised a couple of litters of Angora cats previously when April was a young girl and we had really enjoyed it.


We initially began breeding the Sphynx cats, but when April came to me a one day and told me about the Bambino cats and showed me their photos, and we went to meet our very first Bambino cat Dior and I was instantly in love, she was just the most sweet – cute adorable cat ever and just adored her.  The moment we saw her adorable chunky little legs running towards me I was head over heels! I now have two Bambino cats, our stud boy Fink and our girl Penny.  Since my daughter began having medical issues I began taking over the cattery, and I now have my son living with me Andy who helps out with the daily kitty chores and watches them while I am at work.   florida cattery2

Most of my female cats are Sphynx and we breed them to our Bambino males, the result is litters with some Bambino kittens and some Sphynx kittens. This is the best program of breeding Bambinos because the double gene for dwarfism is lethal and we do not condone Bambino to Bambino breeding’s.

kitten.roomThese cats are our children; my whole house dedicated to my cats, and a separate area for my stud male, all with kitty condos, lots of toys and heat lamps to bask under and even their own TV’s.  All kittens are raised with plenty of human interaction so they will be well socialized and able to adjust easily in a new environment.  They are also raised around my daughter’s dog Aryel.

All of my cats are TICA or The Rare and Exotic Feline Registry registered. I also scan for HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) our adult cats to help prevent passing on this deadly disease to future generations of Sphynx and Bambinos.

I do not take it lightly that we are responsible for bringing new life into this world and we do our very best to raise not only beautiful, healthy, breed-standard kitties; but babies who are well-socialized and loving to go onto their forever homes. Please go to the testimonial’s page to read how happy past adopters have been with a LiLNudists kitty!

florida cattery

~ Wendy Arguin ~

Proud Owner of LiLNudists Cattery Jacksonville, Florida

Call Or Text  #  (321) 458-5677

Or Email  @  LiLNudistsJax@Gmail.com