Many hairless pet owners either do not have a heat lamp for their pets, only a heat pad, or nothing at all to provide them extra warmth!  Giving your hairless dog or cat a source to seek out extra heat when they need it is critical for their physical health and wellness.


The BEST heat option for your pet is to provide a heat lamp because with a heat lamp the heat will be dispersed evenly all around their body and most importantly their head which is where pets and people alike loose most of their body heat… think hat in winter time.  


However you must be careful when providing a heat lamp for your hairless pets that you hairless pets that you have the heat lamp secured properly, not too close to the surface where your pet will lay under it so that they won’t get burned, and what wattage of heat bulb to consider.


Watch my Video to see why a heat lamp is Best for your hairless pets, and why a Heat Pad may actually be dangerous!