NudieNaturals Pet Bug Repellent!

It is very important to know that you can not use standard human bug repellents/bug sprays on your pet’s. These traditional bug sprays have chemical ingredient’s which can be very dangerous, even deadly for your pet’s!

Alternatively, you should be using a pet-safe, all natural bug repellent like NudieNatural’s bug repellent which uses simple organic ingredients to safely and effectively repel pests.

It is very important to use protection on your pet’s, even if they are on monthly flea and tick medication, because they will still be exposed to mosquitos and other flying pests, and it will be added protection against fleas and ticks since they are repelled by the smell of the ingredients.

Mosquitos and ticks carry many infectious diseases like, Zika virus, West Nile Virus, and Lye disease, none of which you want to exposure yourself or your pet’s to!

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